wild dogs, okavango delta

5 Rivers – Explore Botswana in Summer

5 Rivers If, like us, you keep your eyes open for the very best deals on African Safaris then this is one you should not miss. The summer rains are a time of plenty in Africa; mammals are fat and healthy and for many species, it is a time to bring their young into the world. The bush is an[…]

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A lion hunt, but not the kind you expect

It’s late May in Botswana’s Linyanti Marsh, the bush is thick and green. The waterholes created by last season’s rains are dwindling, but the currents in the swamps are flowing strongly as water flows in from the north west. We’ve spent hours following tracks, hoping to catch sight of the lions that made them. Another vehicle from the camp is[…]

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So you’ve got 4,000 dollars

What kind of safari can you get for US$4,000? A short while ago we were contacted by some professional photographers from the USA. They wanted to go on safari in Africa, in particular they wanted to witness the great wildebeest migration, but their budget was tight; the cost must not exceed US$4,000 per person. Now, I can hear some of[…]

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