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Maasai fury as plan to lure Arabian Gulf tourists threatens their ancestral land

A battle has erupted in Tanzania over the future of 30,000 Maasai people who claim the expansion of a big-game hunting reserve for foreigners will lead to their eviction from ancestral lands. Tanzania’s ministry of tourism announced this week that it will set aside 1,500 square kilometres bordering the Serengeti national park for a “wildlife corridor”. The Maasai will as[…]

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U.N. Recognises Wildlife Trafficking as “Serious Crime”

WASHINGTON, Apr 29 2013 (IPS) – Environment groups are applauding a new United Nations decision to officially characterise international wildlife and timber trafficking as a serious organised crime, in a move that advocates say will finally give international law enforcement officials the tools necessary to counter spiking rates of poaching. click here to read the full article from Inter Press Service[…]

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China commits billions in aid to Africa as part of charm offensive

A story in today’s Guardian newspaper (UK) reveals that the Chinese government has backed 1,700 projects on continent since 2000 in apparent attempt to win favour. The country’s financial commitments are significantly larger than previous estimates. click here to read the article Chinese interest in Africa is certainly growing with China Central Television (CCTV) -love the acronym- showing live coverage[…]

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