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Migration Update

Right now, the Ndutu area of southwest Serengeti is heaving with Wildebeest and zebras. Good rains have meant lush grazing and the number of wildebeest calves seems to be a bit higher than recent years. This has caused them to loiter in the Ndutu area a bit later than usual. The herds can be seen massing in readiness for the[…]

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Maasai Mara introduces Smartcard entry

With immediate effect, the Masai Mara authority (Narok Country Council) in conjunction with a local bank, have launched a Smartcard System to replace the park ticket. The smartcard will be the ONLY accepted mode of payment and access to the Masai Mara National Reserve. You won’t be able to get in without one! To obtain a smart card we need[…]

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Tanzania raises entry fees to historical sites

Tanzania’s Ministry of Natural Resources and Toruism (MNRT) has announced that it intends to increase entry fees to the country’s archaeological and historic sites; in some cases by as much as 900%. All sites under the control of the antiquities department will be affected, the most significant of these being Olduvai (Oldupai) Gorge. The Tanzania Association of Tour Operators (TATO)[…]

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