The Best Beers in Africa

The Best Beers in Africa

You know the feeling; you’re sitting in the bar after a long hot day of game viewing; you’re gasping for an ice cold beer but you don’t recognise any of the beers the barman offers you.

We know how distressing a situation like this can be – you just don’t need to be faced with decisions like that at such critical time –  so we’ve put together some helpful tips for you.

The Best Beers in Africa – It’s Official

You’d be amazed how many different beers are brewed in Africa and even more surprised just how good some of them are.

So let’s start with the winners from the 1st African Beer Awards – held between 407 March 2013 in Accra, Ghana – where the judges tasted and rated more than 50 beers from across the continent. Tough job eh.

Lagers under 5% ABV

1st Place

Maluti Premium Lager, Lesotho
Maluti Premium Lager, Lesotho

2nd Place

2M – Mocambique

3rd Place

Mosi Lager - Zambia
Mosi Lager – Zambia

Lagers over 5% ABV

1st Place 

Safari Lager - Tanzania
Safari Lager – Tanzania

2nd Place 

Carling Black Label - South Africa
Carling Black Label – South Africa

3rd Place

Manica - Mocambique
Manica – Mocambique

Dark Beers

1st Place

Laurentina - Mocambique
Laurentina – Mocambique

2nd Place 

Castle Milk Stout - South Africa
Castle Milk Stout – South Africa

3rd Place


Castle Milk Stout - Ghana
Castle Milk Stout – Ghana


BEERS BREWED WITH LOCAL RAW MATERIAL (less than 50% malted barley)

1st Place


Eagle Extra - Uganda
Eagle Extra – Uganda

2nd Place

Eagle Dark (Nile Breweries, Uganda) – Sorry, couldn’t find an image

3rd Place


Senator Extra - Tanzania
Senator Extra – Tanzania


So it looks as though the place to be if you like good beer is Mocambique, but there are plenty of great beers out there for you to try.

Can’t find an award winner – Go with the people’s choice

If the bar you are in does not have any of these award winners in stock you could just go with the flow and follow in the footsteps of thousands of safari goers and local beer lovers by choosing one of these popular brands.


Tusker Lager - Kenya
Tusker Lager – Kenya
White Cap - Kenya
White Cap – Kenya




Kilimanjaro - Tanzania
Kilimanjaro – Tanzania

South Africa

Castle Lager - South Africa
Castle Lager – South Africa


Windhoek Lager - Namibia
Windhoek Lager – Namibia



St Louis Lager - Botswana
St Louis Lager – Botswana


Zambezi Lager - Zimbabwe
Zambezi Lager – Zimbabwe

You’ll find many more great beers to enjoy out there on safari in Africa. If we’ve missed your favourite drop it’s just because we had to draw a line somewhere.