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Wildlife and Waves in Tanzania

Combine the Serengeti with the Indian Ocean Coast Tanzania is where crystal clear beaches meet intimate wildlife experiences. As one of the most attractive locations on Africa’s safari circuit, from the vastness of the Serengeti, to the calm waves of the Indian Ocean, Tanzania has so much more to offer than game viewing alone. From the beating heart of the[…]

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Kenya asks the Chinese to help put the brakes on poaching

It’s quite a clever move really, and completely logical. Kenya tourism officials have asked the Chinese to help put the brakes on poaching. In recent months the Chinese have shown a growing interest in East Africa’s wildlife. Central China Television (CCTV) (great acronym!) has been showing live coverage of the wildebeest migration from the Serengeti and Kenya sees the Chinese,[…]

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Kenya targets poachers

The Kenyan government has recently ramped up its anti-poaching operations; promising that KWS would be deploying 1000 more rangers to reinforce wildlife security efforts. Noting that the country had lost 74 elephants to poachers since the start of 2013 government spokesman Muthai Kariuki said that the rangers would get cutting edge training and equipment. At the same time he made[…]

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