32 Kenya Wildlife Service officers suspended over poaching

At last! Kenya is starting to make good on promises to get tough on poaching, poachers and anyone helping them.

At least 32 Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) senior officers have been suspended to make way for investigations into increased poaching activities in their areas, Kenya’s The Standard reported Saturday (June 8th).

The suspended officers include those in charge of parks throughout the country as well as several officers at KWS headquarters, said KWS Director William Kibet Kiprono.

The officers are suspected of collaborating with poachers and face permanent removal and legal charges if investigations confirm those suspicions, he said.

Let’s face it, it has been obvious to anyone with half an eye that for the poachers to have been able to operate with the impunity they have enjoyed for so long they must have had help from people within KWS.

Maybe now we will see the start of a cleansing process that will allow the honest dedicated members of the service to lead the fight back.