The variety and quality of safari experiences we offer in Botswana is better than ever. Although the mainstay of what we do is still tailor made safaris we’re excited to be offering a selection of brilliant scheduled small group safaris that will show you the full diversity of what Botswana has to offer.

Okavango Delta

Botswana’s status as one of Africa’s most unique safari destinations is largely due to the phenomenon of the Okavango Delta; a vast inland river delta that floods each year, creating expanses of grassland teeming with wildlife.
A typical Delta experience will include staying a blend of game viewing and activity on both land and water. In addition to game drives there are extensive opportunities for walking and exploring the channels and waterways by mokoro or canoe.


If you really want to explore the Okavango Delta, why not take a look at our Trans-Okavango trip. Starting from Shakawe in the Panhandle, you’ll cruise down secluded waterways in a small private boat, stopping for the night by small islands.
This is an amazing way to experience this incredible network of waterways and their wildlife and will be of particular interest to keen birders.

Mobile Tented Safari

Mobile safaris have long been one of our favourite ways to discover Botswana’s game reserves and if you’d rather travel with a small group we’ve tracked down some excellent value for money trips that will take you beyond Chobe and the Okavango Delta to the Greater Kalahari Game Reserve. The contrast in landscapes could not be greater.

Whether you choose to join a scheduled small group departure or arrange your own private itinerary, our mobile safaris are fully serviced. Your camp crew will erect large comfortable tents – with proper beds and private bathroom facilities – and cook all meals. While they are doing that, you can enjoy game viewing in some wonderfully unspoilt areas.

male lion Cntral Kalahari, Botswana

What about walking?

Why not? Two of our favourite camps in the Delta are located on Chief’s Island. From here you can enjoy guided walking within the Moremi Game Reserve. You won’t see any vehicles, in fact you’re unlikely to see anyone else as you explore this pristine wilderness on foot.

If you want a bit more adventure then why not try one of our Adventure Trails. Accompanied by your guide, and carrying all equipment with you, you’ll set off by mokoro. Each day you’ll make camp beside one of the waterways and use that as your base for guided walks.
The sensation of sleeping out in your own private little camp is magical.

Photographic Safaris

Don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten our photographers.
We are thrilled to be working together with Letaka Safaris to bring you some dedicated photographic safaris, escorted by renowned Botswana photographer James Gifford.

Botswana has international airports at Gabarone, Maun and Kasane.

The Next Step

Planning your safari in Botswana involves quite a few decisions, but perhaps the first one you’ll need to make is to decide whether you’d like to travel on your own tailor made itinerary, in the company of your friends and family, or whether you’d prefer to join one of our carefully selected and recommended small group trips. Obviously there are advantages and disadvantages to both options.

Botswana - Tailor Made

Botswana - Small Group Safaris

The big advantage of a tailor made itinerary is that you get what you want, or as close to it as your budget will allow.
You choose the places you will visit, where you will stay and for how long. You also get to choose exactly who you’ll be travelling with.

The main factor you need to weigh against those advantages is the cost. Because your itinerary will be designed according to your specifications all the bookings must be made exclusively for you and this is generally a bit more expensive.

If you want your safari to be really private then you’ll probably wish to book a private vehicle and guide; there is almost always an extra charge for this.

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The main attraction of joining a scheduled small safari is the cost. 
Because they are following a regular set itinerary and accommodating up to 8 guests, these safaris are simply more cost effective to run.

If you are a single traveller this is a huge advantage; not only are you able to avoid the often prohibitive costs of travelling alone, but you also get some ready made travelling companions.
The itineraries these scheduled groups follow are tried and tested, visiting the best reserves at the best times of year.

The main disadvantages is that you won’t have as much flexibility with your travel dates.

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